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Our Story

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After pastoring churches for 50-years I have just retired from pastoring a specific church.  I left our church in the Bahamas as of January 14th, 2019, after serving there for 12 years.  We had an amazing ministry there on Man O War Cay.


BUT…I have NOT left the ministry of Island Outreach!  We have moved our base of operations back to New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  We will continue to use the airplane in flying in supplies and people to the Out Islands just as before.


One of the things we realized is that just about EVERYTHING, we carry to the Out Islands comes from the USA.  Last year I made 15-trips into and out of either West Palm Beach, Ft. Pierce or New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  NOW, I will just load the plane and fly direct to the many Out Islands that we service.


Paula and I will spend 3-5 months each year in the Out Islands!  We already have trips books for this year and next year.  When pastoring a church, I had to always fly back for Sunday and Wednesday services.  Now I will be able to spend more time and even preach and encourage so many of these needy churches.  I will also be filling pulpits here in Florida as time allows.


Many of you have supported us in reaching the Out-Island Pastors, churches and orphanages for these past twelve years.  NOW we hope you will continue to help us reach out even more! 

On Sunday morning, September 1,  category 5 hurricane Dorian made landfall on Abaco, Bahamas and the surrounding cays. It was complete devastation for many people and their livelihood. Island Outreach has been working day and night in the days since to provide supplies to those in Dorian's path, as well as, support, encouragement and funds. Many of you have reached out to us with a great desire to help. We ask for your patience as we tackle one of the largest relief efforts in Bahamian history. You can donate funds by clicking our link below. We are currently organizing relief teams through various churches to go down to the islands for clean-up and rebuild. This will be an on-going process for quite some time but we are trusting in God's provision and thanking Him for all the help He has sent us so far.

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