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The Out Islands

The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands and Cays. (Pronounced Keys). Most of the islands are uninhabited; the rest are thinly settled and little development. When most people think of the Bahamas they think of Nassau and Freeport. The name Bahamas brings to mind glitz and glamor of the Ritz Carlton type hotels and images. But most of the Bahamas is made up of small Cays with little population. Places like Ragged Island with only 81 residents. Out Islands like Cat Island, Long Island and Andros Islands are filled with wonderful people, and yet to visit them is like stepping back in time.

Once you get away from Nassau you begin to see the "real" Bahamas. These Out Islands are the focus of Island Outreach. On many of these small Out Islands are Pastors and their wives who are struggling to do the work of the Lord. As they share with me, there are times that they feel forgotten. Without the modern conveniences that most American Pastors have, these Pastors struggle with the simple things of life. They are trying to do Sunday School without literature. They are trying to train without any outside help. They are trying to meet the physical needs of their church members without even having their own physical needs met.

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