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About Us

For 40 plus years Randy and Paula have been going two to four weeks each year to do ministry on the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Through those years they have made contacts with some of the most wonderful people. They have met young preachers that are discouraged and ready to quit. These Pastors have very little help and they feel abandoned and alone as they serve God on some of the remote islands. It is these Pastors and their wives that the Crowe's believe they can make a difference in their lives.

Pastor Randy uses the airplane to fly into these smaller islands and help these young pastors reach their people with the Gospel. It is his desire to encourage the pastor and Paula will help these young pastors' wives to build a ministry to reach women. Some of these islands are small and remote like Ragged Island with 81 residents and Current Island with just 35 residents. It is these Bahamian and Haitian pastors that Randy and Paula are helping to train and encourage to reach the next generation in the Bahamas.

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